Thomas Nkuna, Founder & Chief investment officer of Refinement wealth group. “Nkuna loves exploring creative ways of capitalizing”-LeadSA. 

LeadSA hero of the year nominee 2018, Author of  Abnormal  is the new normal, We are economic fools and The psychology of black poverty and it’s effects.  Radical, practical investor ans sloutionist thinker, Founder of Refinement Wealth Group & investor and a lover of Game of thrones

This is a blog where I personally write anything that comes to mind involving social and economical issues around Africans.


The middle class are not in control. They have the illusion of control. They think they are in charge of their lives , their money, their mode of transportation, their medicine and their food when in actual fact they aren’t even close.

Someone I know once said “those who think keep the rules”. The thinkers are the one who makes the rules. They decide what kind of an education a child you gave birth to must have in order to survive in this world, they sit down in boardrooms discussing all possible ways to keep you spending as I have so many times have done.

If they are willing to poison kids and make them addicted to candy , what you think they will do to your meat , and other food stuff? What you think they will do to your medicine ?

Point is : you really want to make money? Everyday ? Feed people with their addictions. Everybody is addicted to something and that is your money. If you don’t like what they are addicted to create a new addiction. Humans aren’t as smarter as they think they are. They talk too much but they are just puppets in this big game. Your wealth is in their addictions.

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